Handshake in office

Andrea's Story

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Andrea woke up early for a 7:00am meeting at a local school in her district! This was a Title One School and had the potential to provide up to 3 new Performance Arts Enrichment classes for at-risk youth! As she showered she practiced her elevator pitch and rehearsed the answers to her most frequently asked questions. She was excited for the prospect of a new Community Partner to add to her growing list of Partner Schools! As she finished buttoning her colored shirt and applied some lip balm, she was ready! 

With her informational packet in hand, she bounded out the door for her meeting! In the car she listened to her daily affirmations, which seemed to build her confidence and self-esteem before a big meeting like this! As she was en route, she received a call from her Program Director, Antonio. He needed to update her on the progress of a new kids Yoga class that was started at a local preschool. He had just finished training a new teacher for the class, and needed to provide a progress report on the new instructor! Andrea listened as Antoine delightedly told her about the ten preschoolers who went on a Yoga Story Adventure. The new instructor followed the Curriculum really well, with the exception of a couple classroom management snafus' that he needed Andrea's opinion on. Andrea provided her feedback on the Classroom Management policies from the Teaching Artists' manual and asked Antonio to address it right away with the new instructor and keep her updated on the training progress. 

As she hung up, she had arrived at the new school, a few minutes ahead of time for her meeting. As she checked into the school office, she had some butterflies, but knew that this was like all the other meetings she's had with her partnership schools. As the School Principal emerged from his office, Andrea sternly shook his hand, introduced herself, and thanked him for meeting with her! As she took a seat in the office, she confidently told him about her in-school Performing Arts Program, Exploration Kids® Enrichment and their mission and vision to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow through the performing arts. She shared her informational packet with details on each of the Performing Arts Programs offered through her Chapter and the benefits of each program.


The Principal had questions about pricing, structure and scheduling. He lit up when Andrea shared the Exploration Kids® Champions program and how we could provide free or reduced price tuition through the help of Community Champions who could sponsor their school and classes. 

Andrea and the Principal agreed on three new after school classes! After school Hip Hop on Mondays, After School Cheerleading on Wednesdays, and a Kids Yoga class on Fridays! 

Andrea was so excited for the new bookings. She immediately called her Administrative Assistant and asked her to enter the classes into the registration software and begin working on registration flyers for the school. She also called Antonio and asked him to put a class alert blast to the team of Teaching Artists to see who would be available for the new classes! Andrea loved the excitement of building new school partnerships, and giving her Team more opportunities to share their passion for teaching the Performing Arts to at risk youth!